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LOOT, the learning app

Loot is a gamified learning app where you can learn about any topic in minutes and earn rewards

Why LOOT ?

We know parents are busy and worried about the content child is seeing. We also believe that every child has the right to see great content, knowledgeable content. We are trying to make kids daily life fun yet safe, let them learn yet laugh, feel good about themselves, some Aha! moments, some Hurray! moments.

What things could I learn?

You could learn about anything and everything in your tea time. Yes almost anything within minutes. You want to know the origin of Pani Puri? or want to know about King Kholi or Thala Dhoni? What are you waiting for!

Why LOOT ?

We aim to cater anyone who like to learn on-the go. The more exciting information is that the beta version of the app is planned for students pursuing 6th to 10th grade and has been rolled to selected International and Matric schools in Tamilnadu and Telangana.

To know more about it visit: -    >>Click here

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