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I'm Chaitanya Pavan,

An Entrepreneur by heart, a Product guy at work
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Pondering over a product idea?

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About Me


Product Enthusiast

About me

2+ years of experience in Product Management, graduated from NIT Warangal. Worked in startups to research, plan, build and launch products I'm the kind of person that if you ask me a question and I know the answer, you will listen to an interesting story. If I don't know the answer, you definitely made me curious. I know how to find an answer, so you will listen to another interesting story! Once i got the hand of technology and the exhaustive resources of knowledge. I started thinking about products from different perspectives being it a user or a developer or a founder and all other stakeholders That's where my pursuit of/for Product management began, which includes many of my passions such as building products, consumer psychology, and making processes more efficient

My Resume

My Resume

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Market/User Research

I believe that User Research paves the true path to solve a problem

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Optimising Processes

Its fun to see the impact after optimising processes

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I enjoy being a user advocate, helps me in coming up with better UX & UI

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The thought of building a product that meets a unique need excites me and made me work on 2 ideas

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Data driven

Knowing enough about data to ask the right questions and gather the right insights to improve the product

2+ Years Experience

Worked as Product guy across startups and large-scale organizations

10+ Projects

worked on exciting web and mobile products solving user problems and meeting business goals


The projects I've worked on. The successful and the failed. The Learnings